Thursday, 3 March 2016

What are the best heated rollers?

How to choose the best heated rollers for your hair

There's no such thing as the best heated rollers set. That's because different people have different needs and requirements, so there's no heated rollers that can fulfil everything.

So if you want to get the best heated rollers for you then first you have to take a few things into consideration.

What type of curls or waves do you want to achieve with your heated rollers?

There are a variety of amazing looks and styles that can be achieved using heated rollers and it can get complicated but I've set out a few categories of the types of effects you may want...


Right now the trend that's bringing many new people to rollers is big, glamorous waves. Waves are all about volume and adding that subtle extra oomph to your hair. They're usually seen in longer hair or medium hair. They require larger rollers and careful placement to get a sleek and subtle look.


I'm going to categorise the rest of what you can achieve with rollers as curls. Curls are the tighter ringlets, flicks and twists that you get by using smaller rollers on a high heat. They also give volume but the effect is less subtle and better for transforming your look for a fuller impact.


Like I mentioned above, you can get volume with waves or curls, or you can combine both, but if your main goal is volume then think about this when selecting which rollers you choose.

Silky and sleek

Another aspect of using heated rollers is that they will act like straightners in a way (I know, that sounds crazy). What I mean is they kinda will make your hair sleeker and smoother if you use them right. This depends on the material of the rollers, what your hair is like, how hot they get and how they come into contact with your hair, and also depends on what products you use to get these effects.

For more information and pics of these styles you can check out this InStyle post.

What type of hair do you have?

So now you've thought about what kind of beautiful hair you want, you also need to think about what your hair is like right now and where you're at. Don't worry, there are ways to style all hair types, but different roller sets are suited to different types of hair. 

There's a great post on that can help you to decide which heated roller is best for your hair type.

Long hair

If you have long hair and want big voluminous waves then the best thing to get is a set of jumbo rollers. These are big rollers designed for waves and volume. For jumbo rollers you only need up to about 6 at the most to get this look because you're basically only doing a few big waves rather than lots of little curls.

But you may also wish to get a full set of rollers so you can experiment with different sizes. If you want to curl a full head of long hair you'll need to make sure you have enough rollers too.

Short hair

For short hair you can try using jumbo rollers, but it may be better to get a set with a variety of sizes in case jumbo rollers prove to be too big for your hair. It depends how short it is exactly.

Thick hair

Thick hair requires more heat and may need more powerful gripping rollers than some of the models available.

Thin hair

Thin or fine hair can be fragile and also may be difficult to give volume to. I would suggest making sure you get a set with variable heat settings and making sure to get a set with a variety of sizes - ideally a cheaper all-rounder kit - in order to experiment with different methods because thin hair can be unpredictable. Once you know how your hair behaves you might move on to a better quality kit.